Best Spiritual Writing 2012 – Schedule

Hi, everyone. Sarah and I (Jenna) are happy to be your spiritual guides — um, we mean hosts — for this discussion of the Best Spiritual Writing 2012 anthology. We thought we’d offer up a loose schedule of when we’ll discuss which essays/poems of the collection. We won’t necessarily give each entry equal weight or time in the discussion, but this way you can play along even if you haven’t read the whole book upfront.

Week of Feb. 19

  • Foreword by Philip Zaleski & Introduction by Philip Yancey
  • “Fearful Symmetries,” Stephen M. Barr
  • “The Company of Drawings,” John Berger
  • “The Ant,” Robert Bly
  • “Frat House for Jesus,” Peter J. Boyer
  • “All Souls Night,” Katharine Coles
  • “Gold,” Billy Collins
  • “The Debacle,” Andrew Cooper

Week of Feb. 26

  • “The Search,” Kate Farrell
  • “World As Is,” Eamon Grennan
  • “In Nomine,” A. G. Harmon
  • “Wonderlust,” Tony Hiss
  • “A Figure in Black and Gray,” Joe Hoover
  • “A Chapel Is Where You Can Hear Something Beating Below Your Heart,” Pico Iyer
  • “The Few, The Proud, The Chosen,” Sam Jacobson

Week of March 5

  • “Bulgarian Icon of the Last Supper,” Mark Jarman
  • “Where the Buddhist Woke Up,” Noa Jones
  • “Burial Cloth Removed,” Jill Noel Kandel
  • “Dream of Ink Brush Calligraphy,” Karen Ah-Hwei Lee
  • “What It Is That Feeds Us,” BK Loren
  • “Apparitions & Visitations,” Paul Myers
  • “Harmony of Heaven, Earth and Man — Harmony of Civilizations,” Seyyed Hossein Nasr
  • “Why Are the Jews Chosen?,” David Novak

Week of March 12

  • “The Next Incarnation,” Evan Osnos
  • “Thinking Again,” Marilynne Robinson
  • “Saint Cesar of Delano,” Richard Rodriguez
  • “Rescuing Evil,” Ron Rosenbaum
  • “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been,” Sherod Santos
  • “Pears, Unstolen,” Betsy Sholl
  • “Tritones,” George Steiner
  • “The Day Continues Lovely,” C. K. Williams
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3 Responses to Best Spiritual Writing 2012 – Schedule

  1. sarahbraud says:

    May the discussioning begin!

  2. Lené Gary says:

    Looks great! I like the way you all organized certain essays for certain weeks. Hope I’ll be able to jump in.

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