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Poetry Friday (on Sunday)

Today’s Best Spiritual Writing 2012 selection is a poem by Betsy Sholl, “Pears, Unstolen” which first appeared in Image Journal. Listen along to the poem read by Laura Mieko: Advertisements

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“Apparitions & Visitations” by Paul Myers (AKA: Good Ghost Stories to Tell at Your Next Slumber Party)

“Apparitions & Visitations” was perhaps one of my favorite in the collection of spiritual writing. I think it was the litany of concisely summarized moments of supernatural events that made the writing so appealing to me. Or it may just … Continue reading

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An Invitation to non-readers of poetry.

I don’t want to make too much of this, but because poetry in general scares the bejesus out of me—with its slow lyricism and lofty attention to the minutia—Billy Collin’s poem “Gold” made me feel like I was invited into … Continue reading

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Toward a working definition of “Spiritual Writing”

Spiritual Writing, especially in the days of deconstructionism, must first be defined if we are going to have a conversation about it. There is something to the challenge of pinning down a fixed definition of any word, particularly a religious … Continue reading

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